QAD PT. IRIS Joint Project




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Industrial Goods & Services

Enterprise Solutions


Appschef and IRIS collaborated on a joint project to customize and implement QAD ERP on one of SMBs in Indonesia. QAD is a well-known ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software which focuses on Distribution and Manufacturing. IRIS is the only official QAD Local Partner in Indonesia. QAD’s specialization on Distribution and Manufacturing Module offer client cheaper cost and faster implementation instead of other ERP softwares which contains cumbersome module package with lengthy implementation period. Moreover, QAD has its own customization tool called Tailor Pro.

This tool simplifies customization process which often takes outstanding resources to fit the ERP to Client’s unique business process. WGS’s experience in handling many international projects, coupled with IRIS’s longstanding experience in implementing ERP to many local industries in Indonesia managed to bring the project to a clean completion. It is expected that in the future, there will be more collaboration and partnership where these two companies can help make Indonesia’s businesses grow faster.

Business Issue

SMBs in Indonesia, particularly in Distribution and Manufacturing sector find it difficult to manage their business in the midst of Information Age where information greatly scales. Legacy system which was adopted by Client s is not suited to handle such amount of information.

Business Solution

Customize QAD ERP Software with the help from IRIS, putting the software in ready-to-use state for the Client


ERP Experience from IRIS and Software Engineering Expertise from WGS create a productive blend of collaboration.

Lesson Learned

Companies with different specializations should collaborate more often to promote healthy business environment and accelerate economic growth in the Country.